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Meeting Dates and Locations

2021 Chapter Meetings

Date: Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Time: 6pm - 8pm


Key Speaker: Kay Hickey, LDA


Topic:  Let’s Get Colorful! 

Come and learn about proven clinical systems to stop the chaos and improve efficiency, reduce stress, and increase revenue. The Color Method is a simple color code system that helps dental practices achieve a well-organized, compliant, productive, and stress-free environment. 

So how does this affect you? When good clinical systems are in place, you as office administrators and managers will find increased employee retention, greater case acceptance, more new patient referrals and consistently full schedules. Practices are gaining on average 45minutes of chair-time per day with The Color Method ™. Conservatively, this can amount to $72,000 added revenue per year! Please join me at your next chapter meeting to learn how.

Speaker Bio: 

Kay Hickey is a Product and Efficiency Consultant at Zirc Dental Products where she spends much of her time educating dental offices on clinical efficiency solutions. Zirc’s Color Method is a proven System that helps offices become more safe, efficient, and happier! She is a licensed dental assistant and spent over 25 years in a Family and Cosmetic Dental Practice. Kay is a former dental assisting educator and taught in classroom, laboratory and clinical settings. She has authored and published four children’s dental books and has written several articles for various dental publications. Kay is a member of the Speaker Consultant Network, has served on the Minnesota Dental Assisting Board, and is a former member of the American Dental Assisting Association. Email: 

Direct Phone: 763.251.3029 800.328.3899 /



Dimples Family Dentistry

2521 Sunset Drive, Unit 2

Norwalk, IA 50211


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